A Community College

'One destination, many paths' 

Foreword by Michelle Soiza, Principal

As Principal, I am delighted to welcome you to the Gibraltar College website.

You may wish to improve your qualification profile to continue your academic journey or enter the employment market. Alternatively, you may wish to improve your career prospects through professional development or even learn new skills in a positive social setting. Whatever your aspiration, we offer new and exciting qualifications, in addition to engaging leisure programmes to help you achieve your ambition.

We are proud to be the accreditation centre for the UK’s main awarding bodies and professional institutes. You have the opportunity to choose from a range of new, relevant and exciting qualifications and create a programme of study that suits your individual learning style and needs. We have an expert admissions and student services team, if you are unsure or undecided, who will help you find the right course for you.

Our highly dedicated team of professionals will support you throughout your educational journey, fostering wellbeing and personal growth, within a caring and positive learning environment. As an inclusive college, we value diversity and promote tolerance and respect for others at all times.

Thank you for considering being part of the Gibraltar College learning community.