How can I apply to sit exams at Gibraltar College?

You will need to complete our Exam Entry Form. Here you are responsible for ensuring Gibraltar College's exam office receives all your entries information in order to confirm whether we can host exam for you or not. Click here to go to the application page. In order for application to be accepted, candidates need to include ALL information in form. Failure to include all information will result in application form not being accepted.

How will I know whether my application has been accepted?

You will be notified by email whether entry can/cannot be accommodated in our centre. Acceptance is at the discretion of the centre. We are not obliged to give a reason if we decide not to accept application.

How do I find my entry codes?

Entry codes are available via the exam board websites. Please check these codes carefully as they may contain option codes (such as tiers or route) that we will require to complete your entry. We are not responsible for the information they have provided and you must ensure that you have checked it and satisfied it is correct. Edexcel OCR Eduqas (WJEC) AQA Cambridge International Exams. Alternatively, you can check in our Entry Code Designated section in our website.

Why do I need to provide a photo and ID?

It is a regulatory requirement that we can identify candidates that sit their exams with us. Your photo will be used to allow the centre staff to identify you. Your ID will be kept on file and will be required on the days you sit exams. 

What if I do not have a photo ID?

If you do not have photo ID, contact us and we will send you more information on how to proceed with your application. 

What are the exam deadlines?

The Gibraltar College has strict dates that candidates wishing to register for an exam need to meet. Please click here or check our Entry Deadlines and Key Dates page in our website. 

What is a UCI?

Every student has one 13-character code that’s unique to them. It’s used to collect results for each student across time and different exam boards, schools or colleges. All students need a UCI. If you have sat exams recently at another venue, they will have your UCI, or it will appear on your entry and results information from them. You will need your UCI if you are resitting a qualification. We can issue new UCI’s for new learners should you have no previous records of certificates/achievement.

What name do I need to use on my form?

You must provide your full name. The name provided will show on the final certificate. 

Why do you need all this information?

All the information requested is required to process your application. The information required is either a compulsory requirement by the exam board, or a legal requirement for payment. 

What is exam stationery?

Exam stationery containing all necessary equipment to sit your exam, including stationery, a geometry set and Casio Scientific Calculator in an exam approved transparent pencil case. This stationery will not be provided on exam day so it is the responsibility of learner to ensure they bring all necessary stationery/euipment to exam. Exam Boards will provide specific information for each assessment.

Can I enter qualification with NEA/ Internal Assessments and/or Speaking Assessments?

Gibraltar College can only offer entries into exams that DO NOT require any form of Internal Assessment. Should you want to complete an assessment that requires teacher assessed grades/ internal assessment components, please check provision as part of our Adult Education Programme.

Access Arrangements

Evidence of an assessment is required in order to request JCQ approval for exam access arrangements. There are also deadlines for these to be submitted. Should this deadline pass, centre may not be able to provide provision.

Please note that previous evidence of an assessment at another centre cannot be accepted, unless the previous centre has an ​‘established working relationship’ with Gibraltar College. Please note Gibraltar College do not currently have an established working relationship with any other centre other than Gibraltar Secondary Schools.

If you would like to request an assessment, please request this in your initial enquiry. A member of our SEN Team will then contact you to discuss this further.

For more information please see the following: