The Gibraltar College is committed to ensuring that the exams management and administration process is run effectively and efficiently. These exam policies will ensure that:

These policies will be reviewed annually to ensure ways of working in the centre are accurately reflected and that exams and assessments are conducted to current JCQ (and awarding body) regulations, instructions and guidance.

The Gibraltar College is responsible for the annual review and any required update of these policies.

The Gibraltar College is responsible for the approval and sign-off of these policies.

These policies will be communicated to all relevant centre staff via email.


Internal Policies

Internal Appeals Procedure (Reviews of Results and Appeals) 2023-2024.pdf

Internal Appeals (Review of Results and Appeals) 

Non-examination Assessment Policy 2023-2024.pdf

Non-Examination Assessment Policy

Summer 2024 Malpractice Policy.docx

Malpractice Policy

Malpractice Policy (ExamsAssessments) 2023 2024.pdf

Malpractice Policy (Exams/Assessment)

Candidate Identification Procedure 2023-2024.pdf

Candidate Identification Procedure

Access Arrangements 2023-2024.pdf

Access Arrangements 

Internal Appeals Procedure (Access arrangements, special consideration and other administrative issues) 20232024.pdf

Internal Appeals Procedure (Access Arrangements, Special Consideration and other Administrative Issues)

Gibraltar College Exam Contingency Plan 2023-2024 .pdf

Exam Contingency Plan

Complaints Policy (Exams) 20232024.pdf

Complaints Policy (Exams)

Exams Archiving Policy 2023-2024.pdf

Exams Archiving Policy

Escalation Process 2023-2024.pdf

Escalation Process

Internal Appeals Procedure (Internal assessment decisions) 2023-2024.pdf

Internal Appeals Procedure (Internal Assessment Decisions)

Conflict of Interest Policy (Exams).pdf

Conflict of Interest Policy

Emergency Evacuation Policy (Exams) 2023 - 2024.pdf

Emergency Evacuation Policy (Exams)


Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy (Exams)

2023-2024 Emergency Evacuation Procedure.docx

Emergency Evacuation Policy (Exams) Procedure

2023-2024 Data Protection Policy.pdf

Data Protection Policy (Exams)

2023-2024 Emergency Evacuation Procedure.pdf

Emergency Evacuation Policy (Exams) Procedure