Mia Alvarez, Alisha Brown & James Bruzon  

“As a student studying in the Gibraltar College, I was able to grow as a person, learnt to work independently but most importantly I've learnt how it is to be part of a team. Nothing ever comes easy, so work hard for what you want and you'll succeed.” -  Mia

"At first I was quite anxious about entering the GIbraltar College as a new student due to not knowing anyone, I was able to gain confidence when working in a team. I was able to build a good relationship with all the teachers. To any new students worried about entering a new environment, don't worry as we are all too blessed to be stressed :)." -Alisha 

“Starting out in the Gibraltar College was not an easy change, as I was used to my peers and teachers in Bayside School. However, after familiarizing myself with the new environment, the college grew on me like no other. In the Gibraltar College I have been able to greatly improve my social skills, confidence, working in a team, and making independent choices. The College teachers are also extremely helpful, they always give there best efforts to ensure your goals in the College are reached. They will always be there if you have any questions or queries and will continue to encourage you throughout your College life.” - James